Overview of HST Consulting Engineering Services

Solving "Unsolveable" Problems

HST Press is in the business of helping clients solve problems, design new systems and manage projects. We specialise in finding and fixing the root causes of frequent equipment failure.

We use our proprietary data acquisition hardware and software to troubleshoot large hydraulic systems. These tools are available to customers on an ad-hoc basis via our mobile unit, and as installations we monitor using internet data and video feeds.

Our custom diagnostic software converts the data we've acquired into actionable information. Learn more by clicking here

Armed with information, we recommend design improvements to the entire system, including the people systems essential for proper operation of the equipment. Customers often retain us to develop training courseware specific to the systems we have corrected and re-designed.

Project Management

HST Press also offers full service project management to help clients with the design of large scale systems, the development of new production equipment and the installation of new processes.