Data Acquisition

To properly 'benchmark' the performance of a machine, a wide array of instrumentation is necessary. To that end, we have designed a custom Data Acquisition System, developed over the years, to acquire and process data necessary to make sound engineering decisions.

Mobile Office

Mobile Data Acquistion UnitMobile Data Acquistion UnitWe start with a 8' long, 4' wide by 5' tall mobile office that is transported in an cargo van. Mounted in this office is custom data acquisition hardware and software, computer, printer, cables, pressure transducers, position transducers, etc. With 16" pneumatic tires and 100' of cable for remote sensing, the system can be easily positioned for production monitoring. With 32 analog (-10-+10 VDC) and 32 digital (24 VDC or 110 VAC) channels, along with pressure, position, velocity transducers as well as temperature sensors, any input or output of a process can be can be analyzed. We also maintain a complete range of tools, adaptors, connectors, etc., necessary to connect to the real world. By using our magnetic tipped digital cables, we are able to connect to the electronic control system while in production. All effort has been made to minimize interference with production.

Control Panel Installations

MOS Control PanelMOS Control Panel

HST Press also installs control panels on client premises. These units employ the same Data Acquisition software as the mobile unit, and can be monitored remotely via the internet.

Press ProfilePress Profile